The austerity round: Labour quiz night sets questions on child poverty and salary gaps

Richard CottonSAY what you want about members of the Labour Party in Camden, but those dudes sure know how to let their hair down. Yesiree, for a busy fund-raiser at the Acol Bridge club in West Hampstead last night quizmaster Richard Cotton was asked to include an ‘austerity round’ among his brainteasers.

No nights off for this lot in the good fight against inequality, the questions, squeezed between the fun rounds about food and drink, history and naming South American countries from their geographical outlines, included tests about about how many children in the UK are living below the poverty line and SMF research into inequality.

An example of a “new puritanical edge” to the Labour Party these days cringed a couple of members at the back, the teams were also asked to name two of the top five countries with the most refugees and, pay attention at the back, ‘how long does it take the highest paid CEO in the UK to earn the average annual salary’. There were dark laughs when another question asked how many foreign students were incorrectly deported by Theresa May while she was serving as Home Secretary.

There ain’t, it seems, no party like a West Hampstead and Frognal Labour branch party.

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  1. Cracking sources there, it was actually European Countries rather than South American. And next time, why don’t you just come along and pay the entrance fee rather than relying on such shoddy sources? Plus, it wasn’t even Richard Cotton asking the questions for the round you scoff at.

    • Richard Osley // November 19, 2016 at 9:13 am //

      Possibly the best comment ever left on this site. ‘It was actually European countries…’. Love it. Glad you all had fun.

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