The councillor who rode the tube all night just to see if anybody was using it

image1-1JONNY Bucknell continues to come up with the unexpected from the backbenches of the council chamber. At Monday’s all-member meeting, the Conservative councillor proudly declared he was looking bleary-eyed because he had spent the early hours of the night before riding the new Northern Line Night Tube service… in the name of researching whether anybody was using it.

“There were lots of young ladies riding it who at 3.30 in the morning were bright eyed and bushy-tailed, but by 4.00 they were all heading for Edgware,” he reported back. I’m not entirely sure whether ‘heading for Edgware’ isn’t some sort of street slang, or a euphemism, for something else, but there you go. Trying to figure out what goes on Cllr Bucknell’s mind is not always the easiest of tasks.

Cllr Bucknell – pictured with his favourite Town Hall night dinner, a McDonald’s, since his roast dinners were banned – went onto make a series of suggestions for licensing policies, including requiring pubs to put up a plaque explaining whether children or dogs were allowed inside, and, if they weren’t, a sign pointing directions to bars that do cater for them. Don’t worry, licensees, that one wasn’t approved here.


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  1. Terence Flanagan // November 24, 2016 at 3:50 pm //

    so the Tory boy mixes with the victims of his Party’s policy’s as it gets colder rest assured many homeless will kipping on the overnight OXO due to the deliberately created by the Tory’s housing shortage, noisy for sure but definitely warmer than the local shop doorway!.

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