‘You might as well have been wearing… been dressed as a big red rose’

TULIP Siddiq got a bit of what I think night czar Amy Lamé describes as a bitchslapping from Conservative minister Caroline Dinenage this week, at what looked like the birth of a tremendous rivalry. The Hampstead and Kilburn MP, you see, had failed to say anything nice about Tory policies on childcare during a debate on early years provision in Westminster Hall.

Sorry for being the opposition spokeswoman on your brief, Tulip said in mock apology, before claiming she had ‘rattled’ her counterpart. Dinenage, daughter of How 2 egg Fred, had virtually thanked everybody in their room for their contributions before sparking on the Hampstead and Kilburn MP for being the exception, for failing to come up with anything positive.

“You might as well have been wearing, been dressed as a big red rose,” she said, accusing Tulip of political point-scoring, before charitably offering to “cut her [Tulip] some slack” for being a newbie. As you can see from the feed, it was a hardly sell out crowd for the debate but Tulip fans could be heard screeching at Dinenage’s performance on their webcast streams back home: Ooh, yo nasty.

Time will tell whether making an enemy out of Tulip will be the wise choice it seemed on Monday.

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