Who would’ve thought Ed Balls would have risen to be the most popular politician in the country?

AT last a little dose of humour in the chamber, as Sarah Hayward wrong-footed us all with a whizzer to kick off her leader’s speech at Monday evening’s full council meeting. You think she’s going to say something about incredibly uncertain times and Donald Trump, and then she pulls out the antics of Ed Balls, the shadow chancellor turned Gangnam-style Strictly Come Dancing contestant, instead. Switcharoo!

Who would have predicted back in September that Ed Balls would’ve risen to become the most popular politician in the country?

Well, aside from those who say he may no longer strictly class himself as a politician these days and the glaring trend in this country to back a hapless trier over a feathered showoff, maybe the citizens of Hampstead and Kilburn could have guessed that a dancing Balls would eventually do better in the polls than a political one.

After all, they got a huge sneak preview of his love of the floor at the Kingsgate Community Centre in Kilburn during the general election campaign last year, just a couple of days before he lost his seat in the House of Commons as it goes. Our footage of Ed Balls twisting and clapping out of time to twanging country music almost crashed our website; this kind of film was considered radical, unusual, back in May 2015. A star was born, and every time he pops up on telly these Autumn weekend nights, the achy-breaky-heart club up in Kilburn point out the one they once dosey-doe’d with.

And yes, it’s another excuse to post this footage one more time. Good luck to him. 

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