Beard of the year: Piers Wauchope

FRANK Dobson was once, famously, asked to shave off his Santa beard by Tony Blair’s spin team, an idea which no doubt led to him extending a couple of fingers and replying with an expletive or two. If today’s cheersy-cheers pic of ¬†UKIP’s National Executive Committee is anything to go by, Piers Wauchope, the former leader of Camden’s Conservatives, now also seems to see no reason to fear a voter backlash from rocking too much face fluff.

These days playing for UKIP in Kent, ol’ Paulo is barely recognisable from the bare-chinned lawyer who used to joust with the Labour council leader of his day, Dame Jane Roberts, across the Town Hall chamber. You can also check him out battling with the sound of cider-drinking teenagers at a railway station on his Facebook page, as Piers, who wrote a now-pulped history of Camden’s politics, tries to explain why there is so much animosity around the MP-less party’s executive.

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