Gospel Oak by-election: Labour select Marcus Boyland

DANNY Beales, Theo Blackwell, the outgoing Maeve McCormack and council leader Sarah Hayward were among the first to tweet congratulations to Marcus Boyland after he was picked to the stand in the Gospel Oak by-election this weekend. He was chosen for the May 4 ballot ahead of Maddy Rahman, whose long perseverance in trying to win a seat on the council was overlooked this time, and Suncica Mandich.

One lefty wag at yesterday’s meeting puts it like this: “If our share of it goes up, then it will be down to a brilliant local campaign and a fantastic candidate… if it goes down it’ll be all Corbyn’s fault”. Political lols aside, though, most people saw yesterday’s selection meeting as a process in which the party was not only a candidate but a councillor too, and Marcus is seen from within as a strong candidate.

All of this, however, has yet to burst the bubble of enthusiastic Conservative candidate Marx De Morais, who this weekend tweeted a picture of himself in the bath…


2 Comments on Gospel Oak by-election: Labour select Marcus Boyland

  1. Mainstream Labour // March 27, 2017 at 2:12 pm //

    Momentum activists are good at snarking but less willing to pound the streets…

  2. Dusty Bin // March 30, 2017 at 12:33 am //

    You can pound the streets as much as you like – politicians have done it for years to get votes – it boils down to what makes a good and honest politician.

    A load of old rubbish really!

    Dusty Bin

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