Greens select Dee Searle for Gospel Oak by-election

LABOUR members are very proud of their work on the redevelopment of the Bacton estate in Gospel Oak, in fact many feel they don’t believe they have been given enough credit for a scheme which has won awards within the construction industry. So Dee Searle, the Greens’ pick for the May 4 by-election there, is more than just pulling their tails by kicking off her campaign by questioning whether it really was successful.

“Nationally the Labour party is fighting itself, and locally this has translated to a council that has run out of steam and lacks solutions to crucial Gospel Oak problems. It’s shocking that Labour has reduced the number of homes within reach of ordinary people in the Bacton redevelopment, when residents of Gospel Oak are crying out for somewhere they can afford to live,” she said. “Meanwhile Camden Council allows Gospel Oak’s children to go to school on roads that have illegal levels of air pollution, despite evidence from local citizen-science projects.”

She stood for parliament in Tottenham – one of Labour’s safest seats, held by David Lammy with a majority of more than 55 percent – in 2015: so we will no doubt hear her supporters saying she has shown herself to be prepared for tough challenges like the one she will face against Labour’s dominance in Gospel Oak (in Tottenham she relegated the Lib Dems to fourth), and her opponents dismissing her as someone used to lost causes.

To recap: Labour are fielding Marcus Boyland, the Tories go with Marx De Morais and the Lib Dems have selected Stephen Crosher.

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