If cats could vote…

THE lighter evenings have triggered nightly ‘great doorknock’ photos on Twitter ahead of next month’s Gospel Oak by-election. As we’ve noted many times before, in the mystical world of online local politics, nobody ever has a rubbish time on the doorstep when canvassing, nobody gets told to buzz off, nobody has the door closed in their face – no, every time, there’s a great response.

That said, the Camden Conservatives know that cats are not eligible to vote on May 4, right?



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  1. Richard, that said, we like cats!

    Of course I understand that you want to hear gossip. But the truth is, that most of the time I (and I expect most of us) really love to talk with people and that most of them in Gospel Oak, are wonderful and gentle. Those some doors closed on our faces … come on … we understand that a Labour one can have a bad day.

    For sure I have some entertaining gossip, but I keep that secret. Therefore you have to put up with cats.

  2. Gulam Choudhury // April 22, 2017 at 12:29 am //

    I think Brexit remainers should vote for lib-dem. I think it will be a disaster if we have no trade agreement with EU. There is no way we can compete with countries like China, India, Brazil etc. I think Labour is going to be crashed this time and thories are going for hard brexit. Therefore Lib-dem is the only hope.

    • Gulam, its more likely about cats and gossip in this article. But if it comes to your point this article is also about the local by-election on the 4th of May and not the general election in June. Therefore you may choose the candidate which has the best plan for Gospel Oak, is the most open one, … the one you think will represent you best on local issues. … whom ever you will vote, it is great that you are interested, that you have your opinion and that you share it with other.

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