Channel 4: the first journalists to reach Hampstead and Kilburn

COME election time, Hampstead and Kilburn is always a favourite port of call for our national journalist friends. There is usually a colour piece in the broadsheets at some stage during the campaign, explaining what a man drinking coffee in Hampstead High Street thinks, and how the area has changed over the years, namechecking Michael Foot and Glenda Jackson and so on…

This time, however, it is the visuals of Channel 4 News who are the first to reach H&K – and rather than do the cliched thing of supping lattes in the sun in NW3, they’ve been vox-popping on the Kilburn High Road. Viewer discretion is advised for supporters of Jeremy Corbyn.

1 Comment on Channel 4: the first journalists to reach Hampstead and Kilburn

  1. Danny Rose // April 20, 2017 at 11:26 am //

    Just remember the guy with yellow hair from across the water who took us all by surprise.

    Have to agree with Dusty, the whole system needs a good old dusting!

    We live and learn.

    Danny Rose


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