1 May: Happy Real Ed Balls Day


PEOPLE love to make a fuss of the anniversary of the day Ed Balls searched his own name on Twitter with the national internet-based celebration of Ed Balls Day every April 28. Really, it should be held today, three days later. For today is the two year anniversary of the day the former shadow chancellor first found his groove on the dancefloor by lighting up a line-dancing class at the Kingsgate Community Centre.

He was in West Hampstead in 2015 to help with Tulip Siddiq’s marginal election campaign but little did he know, as he dosey-do’d, he was the one in the greater danger of a polling day defeat. Ed went off to star in Strictly Come Dancing after losing his seats a few days later… which the most mean Tories in Hampstead and Kilburn are suggesting should be Tulip’s next career move after the snap general election on June 8.

Doubly mean, if you watch the video again and concentrate on Tulip’s dancing this time rather than the big guy in the shirt…

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