Labour AGM: Race for the cabinet

TOMORROW night will see the coronation of Georgia I after nobody else came forward from Camden’s Labour group to stand for the leadership of the party – and the council – following Sarah Hayward’s decision to quit. The make-up of Georgia Gould’s first cabinet, however, is not as straightforward, with eleven councillors applying for nine places at the top table.

There will be at least one new face in the decision-making executive, as Sarah’s move to the backbenches frees up one spot, but, as detailed on these pages before, Nadia Shah, Phil Rosenberg and Richard Olszewski are all looking for promotion. This could be in theory at the expense as one of the current councillors in the cabinet.

Sally Gimson, last. year’s leadership challenger, is not on the list of applicants.

Meanwhile, Labour’s longest serving councillor Roger Robinson is challenged for his chief whip position by Lazzaro Pietragnoli. The vacancy chairing the audit committee caused by Maeve McCormack’s sudden by-election causing departure has also created a contest, a three-way one. Abdul Quadir wants his old job back but Paul Tomlinson and Lorna Russell are both in the running.

Oliver Lewis is due to pick up the chairmanship of the Children’s, Schools and Families Scrutiny Committee, something you get the impression he has been interested in for a while, as Jenny Headlam-Wells move to be deputy mayor.

Role: Leader
Georgia Gould

Role: Cabinet level councillor
Meric Apak
Theo Blackwell
Pat Callaghan
Abdul Hai
Phil Jones
Angela Mason
Richard Olszewski
Larraine Revah
Phil Rosenberg
Nadia Shah
Jonathan Simpson

Role: Deputy Leader (from those elected to Cabinet who had expressed an option for the role)
Pat Callaghan

Role: Chair of Group
Abi Wood

Role: Chief Whip
Roger Robinson
Lazzaro Pietragnoli

Role: Deputy Whip
Samata Khatoon

Role: Campaigns and Communications Officer
Adam Harrison

Role: Chair of Audit and Corporate Governance
Abdul Quadir
Lorna Russell
Paul Tomlinson

Role: Chair of Planning
Heather Johnson

Role: Chair of Licensing
Maryam Eslamdoust

Role: Chair of Standards Committee
Roger Robinson

Role: Chair of Children’s, Schools and Families Scrutiny Committee
Oliver Lewis

Role: Chair of Culture and Environment Scrutiny Committee
Awale Olad

Role: Chair of Health Scrutiny Committee
Lady Alison Kelly

Role: Chair of Housing Scrutiny Committee
Danny Beales

Role: Chair of Pensions Committee
Rishi Madlani

Role: Co-Chair of the Fostering Panel
Thomas Gardiner

Role: Deputy Mayor
Jenny Headlam-Wells

Richard Cotton is due to replace Nadia Shah as Mayor of Camden at the end of her mayoral year

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