Siobhan’s on Theresa May’s front bench already!

SIOBHAN Baillie, the Frognal councillor tipped for bigger things, must be feeling a little dizzy: One minute Conservative Central Office is conspicuously overlooking her for an appearance at the candidate selection meeting in Hampstead and Kilburn, even when another candidate dropped out. The next she is being rushed to the front row of Theresa May’s policy launch in Harrow. You couldn’t miss her earlier today, listening to the PM’s plans to cut migration…  but just in case you did here’s a blue arrow.

Siobhan is standing in Bermondsey, where it’s hard to be charitable about her chances of winning the seat but she’s been getting stuck in nonetheless. Dan Thomas, recently seen in these parts trying to unseat Andrew Dismore in the London Assembly elections last year, was also in the room, just in a less prominent position. The deputy leader of Barnet Council runs in Islwyn, a strong Labour seat which was Neil Kinnock’s constituency back in the day.

2 Comments on Siobhan’s on Theresa May’s front bench already!

  1. Chris Knight // May 9, 2017 at 9:23 am // Reply

    Siobhan is a very capable individual, no wonder she is close to TM she will make an excellent MP.


  2. I’m torn between tactical voting for Simon Hughes as the lesser of two evils against the dreadful Neil Coyne, and voting for my preferred candidate Siobhan Baillie.


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