No belfies in North Tyneside

HAVE you seen less Camden bin bag pictures on social media in recent days because the council and Veolia are finally getting to grips with new fortnightly system and fly-tipping – or because the chief investigative photographer on the case, Henry Newman, is otherwise busy 250 miles away.

Henry, the King of the Belfies*, has switched his Twitter handle from @Henry4Highgate, which had bee a reference to his place on the ballot paper in N6 at next year’s council elections, which as it happens now seem an age away due to our collective prescription of election overdose.

Now, you can find him on @Henry4NTyneside, after being selected to stand for the Tories against a Keir-sized 17,000 Labour majority in North Tyneside.

Whether the social media following Henry has built up back in Highgate will be impressed with weather reports from the North East and Geordie cats looking grumpy while he stuffs ‘coalition of chaos’ leaflets in their faces is unknown. But there isn’t a belfie in sight…

*Belfie = Bin selfie



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