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GEORGIA Gould and Keir Starmer led another hearty delegation of Labour activists and councillors from Holborn and St Pancras north to help Tulip Siddiq on Saturday (and not just because it meant easy access to the North Star, the pre-Wembley pub of choice apparently for Arsenal supporting Keir).

But as nerves set in so close to this general election’s polling day, the remnants of that internal debate as to whether enough people are chipping in with the ‘Pick Tulip’ rescue campaign can be heard in the background. Nobody has gone off on holiday or on bank holiday beanos in the middle of a critical general election campaign, but the council leader is still sending requests to concentrate campaigning in the unpredictable Hampstead and Kilburn constituency.

One councillor who will not be in Tulip’s purple book, however, and will not feature in any post-mortem report if Labour loses here on June 8 is Lorna Russell. Track the Labour campaign pictures on Twitter and she’s always down the front, beaming away as if Labour holds a 20,000 majority.

And what’s this? When the campaigns resumed last week with Jeremy Corbyn’s comments on foreign policy – and, pictured below, some silence for the victims of the atrocity in Manchester – just look who was there again getting camera time at the latest policy announcements.

Corbs. Check. Diane Abbott. Check. Shami. Check. Woman in red dress… Check. Wait-a-minute… that’s Lorna.

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  1. tomlondra // May 30, 2017 at 7:37 am //

    …and Lorna isn’t the only one. As Jeremy Corbyn travels round the country, the TV pictures are showing a number of keen Camden faces always making sure they’re in shot…..

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