Conservatives suspend ‘burn in hell’ activist

THE Tories have moved very quickly this morning, 00:30, it’s past midnight, and launched an investigation into the behaviour of one of its activists at the Gospel Oak by-election count held at the Town Hall. Labour councillors have complained that a man shouted ‘burn in hell, dirty communists, filthy rubbish’ at them as they celebrated their candidate Jenny Mulholland’s landslide victory.

The incident followed an otherwise good-natured by-election campaign in which Conservative candidate Marx de Morais proved a courteous opponent to Cllr Mulholland. He even tweeted best wishes to the outgoing councillor Theo Blackwell as the polls closed, having bumped into him in a Chinese take-away earlier in the evening.

UPDATED: A view from Conservative councillor Oliver Cooper -‘I was horrified and incandescent when Rishi Madlani [Labour councillor] told me what had been said. Absolutely outrageous, unacceptable in the Party, and entirely out-of-keeping with our party. Holborn and St Pancras Conservatives are right to have taken swift action’.

1 Comment on Conservatives suspend ‘burn in hell’ activist

  1. My My a little bit of aggravation between 2 adults and he gets suspended for exchanging pleasantry’s, whoever complained was stupid in my view he should have just responded in a like manner or clumped him !!


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