Labour strategists agree to target Tories in Belsize

HAVING finally worked out who’s standing where, Labour candidates for next year’s council elections got together for a picture on Saturday. Behind the photos, trategists have decided they are strong enough to try and unseat opposition councillors in Fortune Green (vs Lib Dem), Highgate (vs Greens), West Hampstead (one seat is held by independent councillor Angela Pober), Swiss Cottage (vs Tories) and Belsize (also vs Tories).

There had been some internal debate over whether the party needed to choose between Swiss Cottage and Belsize in terms of resources, but their campaigners have now agreed to give the contests equal weight, meaning Labour are now actively looking to unseat Conservative leader Claire-Louise Leyland in May. If they were to win all of these targets and hold what they’ve already got, the size of their majority would be the biggest ever held in Camden and reduce the only opposing voices to just six seats.

Nip over the border to Islington to see whether such domination is healthy for rigorous debate…


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  1. Or Brent.


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