Belsize today, Watford tomorrow?

PLEASE don’t think I was misleading you when, a couple of posts back, I reported that Labour were ready to put the same campaigning weight in to trying to take Tory-held Belsize as other target seats at May’s council elections. There were several people saying so, but it’s been suggested more than once this week that I must have got my wires crossed.

The source of the confusion is the insider Labour List website which reports on the selection process for candidates interested in standing in the party’s target seats at the next General Election, whenever that may be.

It reports Belsize candidate Sucharita Sethi has been shortlisted to stand for parliament 15 miles away in Watford. A keen bean, she is also on among the runners and riders which the website has posted for the Cities and Westminster constituency, where Labour want to apply pressure on Tory MP Mark Field.

Tongues are wagging in the ward, but Labour organisers insist it is possible to run for the council and get selected in one of these tasty seats. The decision in Watford is due on December 14.


1 Comment on Belsize today, Watford tomorrow?

  1. Just don’t say the L word…L is for Labour but not for Localism…The Tories will eat them for breakfast. Many residents in Belsize probably couldn’t afford all that travel cost.


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