On the scene, Tulip’s old rivals

WHEN the heat was on Tulip Siddiq in her showdown with Channel 4 News this week, she would have looked around and seen some familiar faces. Former Liberal Democrat councillor Nancy Jirira was in on the frame in West End Green, snapping a photo for keepsakes by the look of it.

Then as Nadine Dorries referenced the Ch4 interview at Prime Minister’s Questions the mic in the chamber picks up the voice of the a colleague two seats down, that being Chris Philp, the former councillor for Gospel Oak and the MP that never was in Hampstead and Kilburn.

‘Terrible’, he murmurs when Dorries tells the House that Tulip had issued a ‘veiled threat to a pregnant journalist’ during the incident in West End Green last Saturday. And there are lots of ‘good question, very good question’ from him when Dorries asks whether the the cabinet would ask Tulip to use her contacts to help free *Dorries checks notebook for name* Ahmad bin Quasem.

See them both below:

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