New Lib Dem recruit Andrew Marshall will not stand for election

FURTHER to yesterday’s post about Andrew Marshall joining the Lib Dems, a press statement released today scotches any suggestion that he will run against his old Tory colleagues in his Swiss Cottage ward – one of the more interesting battlegrounds at May’s local elections.

Expanding on his 2am tweet from Harwich, he says: “I left the Conservative Party after four decades last year – largely, but certainly not only, over Europe. I find that my values are now best reflected in the Liberal Democrats: moderate, inclusive economics to broaden opportunity, reform of our political system, a robust approach to sustainability and an internationalist, pro-European ethos. No party has a monopoly of wisdom, and pro-Europeans across all parties need to work closely together.”

And he adds: “A large cohort of Lib Dem MPs at Westminster would be good news for national policy in so many ways, and a big group of Lib Dem councillors in Camden would galvanise local politics in our borough and improve responsiveness to all our residents.   I’ll be standing down as a local councillor after 24 years in May, as I indicated last year, but I’ll be doing my bit to get Liberal Democrats elected in the months and years ahead.”

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