Who’s next for a panto costume?

CONSERVATIVE councillors in Westminster did not seem too worried as they dressed up for their New Year’s parade earlier about the recent warnings they may be in for a shock defeat at May’s local elections. One dressed up as a lion/yeti-caveman.

Former Labour London Assembly member Murad Qureshi reacted by snapping… “and guess who’s at the panto parade?” in a switcharoo tweet about the NHS beds crisis. It is Mr Qureshi himself, however, who could soon be putting on a colourful costume, if swirling rumours are to be believed. How does a red robe and ermine fit?

There is pretty open talk – it was in The Times – about the possibility of a place in the House of Lords as one of Jeremy Corbyn’s preferred nominations.

Then again surely someone who these days is described as “hard left” by our Conservative-supporting newspapers – stretching that breathless label with new elasticity in doing so – would not accept a place in an unelected chamber. He is currently trying to find a way back into political office by standing in the Westminster council elections.


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