Tories lose another candidate ahead of council elections

THE Conservatives aimed to steal a march ahead of Camden’s council elections by picking candidates so long ago that the Tories still had a majority, nationally, in the House of Commons. There was a squad picture in Primrose Hill as the runners in key battleground wards were announced as long ago as last January.

Since then, however, councillors Siobhan Baillie and Claire-Louise Leyland, the outgoing leader, have decided not to re-stand after all, joining fellow exitees Tom Currie, Andrew Mennear and Roger Freeman, who had already declared they would not seek another term. Jonny Bucknell, as we know, has been deselected and is not being invited to fill any of the holes which have emerged on the slate.

Meanwhile, approved candidates Charlotte Kude and Nick Grierson have decided that they will not be taking part either and last week it emerged they’ve lost another one, as Chantelle de Villiers – seen above, appearing as an angry member of the public presenting a deputation on rubbish collections at the Town Hall – will also not be on the ballot paper in the north west of the borough due to new work commitments. We are promised a full list of the Conservative candidates who people will be able to vote for by the end of the week.



1 Comment on Tories lose another candidate ahead of council elections

  1. Terence Flanagan // February 5, 2018 at 4:22 pm // Reply

    Aha the Vermin run for cover …………..happy days !!

    Liked by 1 person

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