Shock jock politician says something shock jocky

SOCIAL media melts under Boris Johnson saying something typically Boris Johnsony today.

Surely, the more we tweet, discuss, debate and say ‘oh my, how can he say that‘, the more he will seek a reaction. You can even see a little smile trace across his lips at the end of Radio Four’s clip as he compares the congestion charge lines along the Camden and Westminster border with Northern Ireland, post-Brexit. But he said the word CAMDEN and this is mainly a blog about Camden, so for the record, here he is saying it on the Today programme. Now we can all move on.

Oh, wait, he’s the foreign secretary and not a shock jock radio pundit?

Tottenham MP David Lammy has gone the furthest to draw attention to Mr Johnson’s comments with a skit about north London’s borough boundaries. “When I was a young boy we were told to stay away from the Troubles on the Caledonian Rd & marching bands in Regent’s Park,” he tweets. “The Chalk Farm Peace Agreement has brought peace in our time. People can get the tube from Camden Town to Finsbury Park without being searched at the border.”

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