It’s coming home! The quickest ever planning meeting

IT’S coming home, folks, it’s coming home. England WILL win the World Cup. And as such even people who don’t like football are rushing to a TV screen to see Harry Kane and co lead us to soccerball glory. Everybody it seems except planning chair Heather Johnson, possibly, who revealed her complete lack of interest in the sport at the start of Thursday’s development control meeting at the Town Hall. England v Belgium was kicking off at almost exactly the same time but she said was happy to sit in the chamber until 10.30pm.

There was actually an admirable turnout from the planning councillors with just a few apologies for absence, and they were rewarded with what must have been the shortest planning meeting in a very long time. Usually the clock runs out at 10pm with the agenda often uncompleted. Last week, however, proceedings were suspiciously speedy and all over in an hour. Imagine if they were all like that.

At 8ish, Cllr Johnson dismissed the class by suggesting they could still get across the road to the pub to catch the second half of the match, which as it happened was a bit of a boring game. Before they went, however, the councillors were reminded that they have an extra meeting to attend on Tuesday night…

…a session which is due to begin just as England take the field against Colombia in their crucial knockout match.


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