…and now for a question from the Lib Dems

THE Liberal Democrats were teased during the local elections that they would not be able to stop Brexit from the Town Hall, and that as they went door-to-door they should have been focusing on Camden-centric issues. ‘I look forward to Ms Porritt negotiating the United Kingdom’s second referendum from a scrutiny committee meeting in Judd Street…’, that kind of thing. The party sort of had the last laugh in Belsize when they gained two seats from the Tories in May.

While they insist they are not a one-issue ticket (they raised a motion on rubbish last Monday evening), perhaps you can guess what the now Councillor Luisa Porritt used her first shot at Labour council leader Labour councillor Georgia Gould for. Potholes! Housing repairs! No, just kidding. Europe, of course, and the campaign for us all to have another vote on the final Brexit deal. The People’s Vote, as they they call it.

Cllr Gould has an ask-me-anything style, but watch out for ‘I’ve been clear’ cropping up in some answers. When anyone has to re-iterate that they are clear on an issue, it’s often that there’s a muddle in need of untangling. In this case it’s the general Labour appreciation for Keir Starmer as the local MP, and the clashing frustration that he, as Shadow Brexit Secretary, is either not convinced by the case for another national vote or has been unable to convince Jeremy Corbyn to support one.

So while Cllr Gould told last week’s full council meeting that she would like to see that people’s vote, it came with slightly convoluted phrasing about how the party’s leadership was doing a sterling job and were the only team who could find a sensible way out of our Brexit stalemate.

Cllr Porritt seemed happy enough with the first part of her answer. What will she ask about at the next meeting?

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