A shadowy council meeting

LIKE a late evening mixed doubles match at Wimbledon trying to finish a final set, Camden’s Pension Commitee soldiered on against bad light this evening. The lights in committee room four at the Town Hall just would not work, and so councillors and officials gamely continued with only the natural light that comes through the Judd Street windows and the glow of a few laptops.

At one stage, Councillor Awale Olad was told to step away from the light switches on the wall as one of them is a ‘panic button’. That could’ve been interesting. Chair Rishi Madlani asked for the blinds to be raised a little more.

The council has been criticised in recent years by climate change campaigners who are angry that pension fund deposits have been placed in fossil fuel companies – there was a recent demo in King’s Cross. As you can see, Camden could not be accused of burning through any excess energy this evening.

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