Tulips for the Tories

FOLLOWING on quickly from that last post on the art chosen for the walls of the new ‘Town Hall’, it emerges that the new room set aside for Conservative members has been decorated with a print by David Hockney on the wall no less!

But is somebody at Camden HQ having a little joke? The artwork is ‘Pretty Tulips’, a constant reminder perhaps of the local Labour MP who they failed to unseat at last year’s general election.

“Sadly there was not a word of consultation,” says Tory leader Councillor Oliver Cooper. “I think the Labour group room got all the Caravaggios and Rembrandts.”

2 Comments on Tulips for the Tories

  1. andrew marshall // September 4, 2018 at 7:33 pm // Reply

    In 2006 when I became group leader I went to a storeroom where Camden had perhaps 50 works of art, mainly former cllrs from the time of three boroughs. I picked three I liked and hung them in the group room. I had no idea who the individuals were, probably they were Liberals or Tories. Painted in the 1910s to 1930s. All three men – one of Italian heritage, one probably Jewish. CLL wanted something different as is her perfect right – maybe they returned to the store. Oliver go and have a look. I rather fancied finding a Walter Sickert to do a little for Camden’s financing gap but couldnt see anything looking too valuable.


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