Flick takes to the stage at Glee Club

AN unofficial code of the Liberal Democrat conference is that recently-elected new councillors should continue their initiation by singing at an annual karaoke. Sadly, no video footage has emerged so far of Belsize’s Luisa Porritt on the mic in Brighton on Sunday evening, although I’m reliably informed that she sang an angelic version of Like A Prayer by Madonna. Now there’s an example of being adept at constantly reinventing yourself over the years to appeal to new fans; Madonna, not the Lib Dems etc etc.

On Monday night – and Tuesday morning – however we did get to see a Liberal Democrat councillor from Camden rocking a room. At the annual Glee Club party, a carefree sing-a-long excused by members as ‘a party institution’, Flick Rea raced to the stage to join Cornish members singing Hawker’s Trelawny (The Song Of Western Men). Cllr Rea, originally from Devon, close enough, is a little drowned out by the men with the microphones in the footage above, but you can see the gusto she invests in her favourite number of the night.

As the night got heady, it was impossible to identify whether any Camden members were joining in more rude and lewd songs: there was one devoted to the ropey David Cameron pig story, a subtly reworked version of American Pie that choruses in ‘Tony Blair can fuck off and die’ and even one making light of Chales Kennedy’s difficulties with drink; that last one, even in these jovial surrounds, was not approved of by many members from our neck of the woods.


1 Comment on Flick takes to the stage at Glee Club

  1. Enjoyed seeing Flick in full throttle, as for the other song clip, its hard to believe that even some Lib Dem’s could lower themselves to that level.


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