‘We’re not out to deselect everyone’

JUST before Labour members from Hampstead and Kilburn headed up here to Liverpool for their conference, they met to discuss how delegates might vote on certain issues. The membership wanted the option of a people’s vote on Brexit to be supported, for example.

A view on on mandatory reselection of MPs was less clear, however. The constituency earlier this year supported a change to the party’s rules, but last week it was not clear cut and members narrowly opposed a new system where sitting MPs would no longer benefit from being automatically reselected as candidates before each general election. This was not a ‘mandated’ motion, so delegates have not been bound by it on Merseyside this week, even if the rule change was not eventually adopted.

Camden’s Labour MPs are not really at risk from any of this, at the moment at least. While Tulip Siddiq cops some flak for being a friend to all sides and that incident with Channel 4, and Keir Starmer’s approach to Brexit (more to come) does not always add up with the wishes of his constituency members and is sporadically accused of positioning himself for the leadership, both have generally had a smooth transition since taking over from Glenda Jackson and Frank Dobson respectively three years ago.

Asked what was motivating the push, Rebecca Shirazi, one of a ten strong team of delegates from Hampstead and Kilburn delegate in Liverpool, said Momentum were miscast as ‘thugs’ by their opponents and the press, adding that hard-working MPs would have nothing to fear from the proposal. It was about getting members of parliament who reflected the party membership, she explains in one of our conference films below.

(doesn’t play upside down)

10 Comments on ‘We’re not out to deselect everyone’

  1. Its frequently stated at momentum meetings “that both MP’s are a waste of space ” the comment always gets roundly applauded………………rightly they’re bloody useless in my view!


    One took a knighthood utterly disgusting in my view, and the other thinks you can ride 2 horses with one arse !!

    They should both be dumped in my view!! and i am a member of both momentum and the Labour Party but of course such comments are not normally welcomed ,,,,,,,its called DEMOCRACY…………………………..hence anonymous.


  2. Appropriate the video has her upside down.


  3. What a lovely comment, certainly doesn’t undermine Rebecca’s points at all….


  4. So the video disappears not surprising not a good idea to LIE about events at meetings is it ?

    These two MP’s are a bloody disgrace and will be dumped ASAP, its being organised NOW especially after The Sir’s disgraceful behaviour at conference!

    Its the Sir is just an ersatz Tory.


  5. quite hard left // September 28, 2018 at 2:13 pm // Reply

    Rebecca makes a number of valid points. Its important that MPs are held to account and reflect the views of members. That’s just democracy. If she was a man, I doubt she would be getting trolled like this. I can confirm that what she says about momentum meetings is true.


  6. Fear of the hard left // September 28, 2018 at 2:49 pm // Reply

    Guess the commentators…
    Rebecca comes across well, she puts herself across as best she can, no need for nasty swipes at a young woman engaged in politics, unless of course you’ve no political arguments to have with her?
    There’s no widespread appetite of deselections in Camden, Hampstead and Brent.
    It’s true we’ve been misportrayed as warring thugs that are out to deselect all, who are not on the left of Labour.
    Most members just want MPs to be accountable, to be non decisive and to believe in Labour Party values. They do want the chance to choose new candidates should they so wish, nothing wrong in a healthier pool of candidates to choose from who’s better represent their constituents.
    What are some so scared of?
    We’ve yet to see this in UK politics, Labour members are working towards better representation.


  7. Surely it is more appropriate to talk of selection.

    Are potential MPs shortlisted in the same undemocratic manner as councillor candidates have been for the past several local elections?

    Gradually weed out locals who would dissent and obstruct property developments, or worse, get in the way of political advancement or potential gain.

    Are MP candidates filtered by the same standards?

    Incompetence and graft promote incompetence and graft – the electorate suffer.

    Can the leader of Camden council explain who exactly selected the 2017 Camden LCF which went on to impose the council candidates who were then elected in 2018?


  8. Terence Flanagan // September 28, 2018 at 7:24 pm // Reply

    Labour are working towards better representation, indeed Tulip and Starmer will be moved along and replaced by democratic socialists i believe as a member of momentum i feel there is immense support for that idea and i see it at momentum meetings frequently. i also hear that this is reflected in many areas including Brent.

    The lawyer who like Peter Taheri in Camden Chuka Umana represents employers against Trade Unionists at employment Tribunals is also on the list !!! Rightfully they are a disgrace!!


  9. Fear of the hard left // September 28, 2018 at 8:29 pm // Reply

    Non *divisive


  10. The video works. Do not turn it upside-down, even if she is trying to do that to our entrenched views. A breath of fresh air in my opinion. Great to see someone so committed.


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