‘We’re not out to deselect everyone’

JUST before Labour members from Hampstead and Kilburn headed up here to Liverpool for their conference, they met to discuss how delegates might vote on certain issues. The membership wanted the option of a people’s vote on Brexit to be supported, for example.

A view on on mandatory reselection of MPs was less clear, however. The constituency earlier this year supported a change to the party’s rules, but last week it was not clear cut and members narrowly opposed a new system where sitting MPs would no longer benefit from being automatically reselected as candidates before each general election. This was not a ‘mandated’ motion, so delegates have not been bound by it on Merseyside this week, even if the rule change was not eventually adopted.

Camden’s Labour MPs are not really at risk from any of this, at the moment at least. While Tulip Siddiq cops some flak for being a friend to all sides and that incident with Channel 4, and Keir Starmer’s approach to Brexit (more to come) does not always add up with the wishes of his constituency members and is sporadically accused of positioning himself for the leadership, both have generally had a smooth transition since taking over from Glenda Jackson and Frank Dobson respectively three years ago.

Asked what was motivating the push, Rebecca Shirazi, one of a ten strong team of delegates from Hampstead and Kilburn delegate in Liverpool, said Momentum were miscast as ‘thugs’ by their opponents and the press, adding that hard-working MPs would have nothing to fear from the proposal. It was about getting members of parliament who reflected the party membership, she explains in one of our conference films below.

(doesn’t play upside down)

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