Council leader wants ‘remain’ option on second referendum ballot paper

HOLBORN and St Pancras Sir Keir Starmer got a standing ovation in Liverpool after telling the conference hall that ‘nobody is ruling out remain’ as a possible option on a second referendum on Europe. Of course, some Labour figures had been doing just that throughout the week. Enthused by her local MP’s words, Camden Council leader Georgia Gould nevertheless explained why she thinks there is now ‘unity’ on the issue, in one of our conference films below. The need to add the clause ‘for me personally’ perhaps highlights the fact that not everybody is on the same page as her, however.

Meanwhile, the Lib Dems are bringing a motion to next week’s full council meeting calling for councillors to support a people’s vote with the option of remaining. It’s second on the list, right at the back of the agenda: will they reach the debate? It could be interesting if they do.

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