Always at work Green Party leader calls for better work-life balance

SIAN Berry enjoyed her first party conference season as co-leader of the Green Party, pushing the ambition of a four-day week and a better work life balance. On the stage in Bristol and in her interview with the BBC, the Highgate councillor said she wanted to see an index that measured how much time people had away from work (and commuting to work…).

“Measuring people’s free time is something that really matters to people,” she said.

On this front, it’d be interesting to start by seeing how Cllr Berry herself would score on the ‘free time index’. She always seems to be at work: either in the council chamber, Camden’s committee rooms, City Hall and now touring the country as her party’s joint leader. Ask her when she last went on holiday, if you see her.

“There is plenty of wealth in the economy it’s just not shared out equally,” she explained the BBC’s Naga Munchetty, who was puzzling how it would all be paid for. “There are people making huge profits in their industries but not sharing them out with their workers.”

Also worth, noting from the Green Party conference: Cllr Berry says they will not go into any more deals or negotiations with Labour (or any other party) as part of an anti-Tory alliance. Last year, we saw negotiations between Tulip Siddiq and the Greens over the possibility that they would not stand a candidate in Hampstead and Kilburn, where it looked like the MP might lose her seat to Conservative candidate Claire-Louise Leyland. Ms Siddiq even appeared before members, but no agreement could be reached with Labour refusing to do the same in Brighton Pavilion.

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