Should Camden’s councillors debate Brexit?

IT’S the first full council meeting in the temporary Town Hall at the Crowndale Centre  this evening and councillors will – if the meeting is managed for time – be put on the spot about how they feel about a second referendum on Brexit.

Two motions – one from the Lib Dems, then one from Labour – will bring the debate in front of them, including the idea of remaining in the EU being on a people’s vote ballot paper.

It’s not gone down well with Conservative leader Oliver Cooper, a Leave supporter, who says councillors should be prioritising debates and motions on local issues rather than foreign policy.

The pre-meeting warm-up was in the CNJ last week – here – and you can see and hear Cllr Cooper’s view from a conference interview below:

3 Comments on Should Camden’s councillors debate Brexit?

  1. jonathanfryer // October 8, 2018 at 3:10 pm // Reply

    Yes, they should. It is grotesque for Oliver Cooper to talk of Brexit as Foreign Policy. It was a Conservative Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, who saw the value of the European single market, to which we have subsequently belonged, and what little Englanders among the Brexiteers appear to want is to cut us off from that single market — and piss off the Scottish, and Northern Irish in the process..


  2. Chris Knight // October 8, 2018 at 4:05 pm // Reply

    Shame the several times failed paper Lib Dem Council candidate Jonathan Fryer does not get it, the Brexit vote was in favour of leave. On the occasions that he has stood for election nobody ever saw him, who knows if had the conviction fought for what he believes in he may have been an MP now and had more influence.
    For the record I was in the remain camp but accept the will of the majority, shame he can’t but then again he is a Lib Dem!


  3. Marx de Morais // October 10, 2018 at 9:22 pm // Reply

    I thought bins are local Camden Tories number 1 issue and I remember very well the houres of internal fights we had, when I stood up saying child poverty is by far more important. Well, your decission that it were the bins. Now you have to take the facts on bins, for example that 32 % of the bin men serving us in Camden and keeping our streets clean, are EU citizens. Will Oliver Cooper do their Job. … Brexit doesn’t matter locally? … Was the number of Local Conservatives Cllrs in Camden not reduced to 1/2 and didn’t that happened because of Brexit? If you think not Oliver, please enlight us with your explanation. …. May you give it a second thought. Brexit matters locally, and locally your colleagues paid the price.


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