In the midnight hour…

APOLOGIES if you were passing through Soho on Friday evening and you could hear the crooked strains of Chas And Dave, Biggie Smalls, Bowie, Edwyn Collins and The Streets: the CNJ was, in full karaoke voice, saying goodbye to William McLennnan, our award-winning reporter and friend who started his new job with the BBC this week. Those who know the staff can guess who sang what; all I’ll say is that I’m capable of a cracking rendition of the speaking parts in Dry Your Eyes Mate.

Now the hangovers (and half term) are over, it’s time to spark the blog back up and what better way to do so, as it’s Halloween tomorrow (it seems to have been Halloween for a fortnight already but there you go), by giving you some terrifying footage you didn’t realise you needed to see.

For if you were at the fright night party at the Abbey Tavern in Kentish Town on Saturday evening, blog spies tell me you will have been treated to an even more raucous sing-a-long than anything the CNJ can muster with Belsize ward councillor Luisa Porritt (and pals) seen absolutely belting out Madonna’s Like A Prayer; the song she sang at her new councillor initation ritual at the Lib Dem conference in Brighton last month. She’s the one in the blonde wig for those working out who’s who in the footage which dropped into the Osleybox the following morning.

Happy Halloween, folks…

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