Council leader’s Christmas poem

CHRISTMAS is here and apparently some of you are missing some council blogging. Well, we’ve all got a bit of downtime over the festive season, so here come some new posts and how about starting – if you want to feel the spirit of the season – with Nickie Aiken, the leader of the council in neighbouring Westminster. She’s found time not just to write her Christmas cards but to narrate her own animated greeting.

Watch below, her Christmas poem is a cartoon about Santa shopping in the West End set to her own Jackanory tones, which would make the perfect voice for the CBeebies bedtime story. As it happens in this tale, Father Christmas needs a blessed bicycle to get him on his way.  Ho! Ho! Ho! say the cyclists frustrated that her council’s legal challenge to CS11 has delayed and perhaps kiboshed work on that new bicycle route.

Back during the party conference season, Cllr Aiken, whose council also blocked the  pedestrianisation of Oxford Street to the annoyance of Sadiq Khan, declared herself as the London Mayor’s ‘least-liked council leader’. But when the CNJ‘s sister paper, the Westminster Extra, suggested last week that this might mean Mr Khan had been struck off her Christmas card list, the council very quickly made clear that this was not the case. The season of goodwill, City Hall has also officially confirmed that Mr Khan has sent one to Cllr Aiken.

Meanwhile in Camden, Georgia Gould has no poem for us (which if you remember the What Is Camden? poem from the London Borough of Culture bid might be a good thing; ‘feeling needy for something seedy’). She opts for card drawn for her by a student at La Sainte Union.

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