The interviewing panel

ONE of the big decisions for Camden Council early in the New Year will be to appoint a new chief executive.

Mike Cooke’s six-month notice period has zipped away quickly and a field of potential successors has, apparently, been whittled down to three candidates: two internal choices and an external holding a senior position at another local authority.

Speculation over who will take on the role, with a salary of up to £199,000, is the subject of much hot gossip at the moment and in an organisation like our council, it’s not so easy to keep the identity of these candidates secret. The contenders are widely-known, even more so after councillors were invited to meet them at an event last night.

An evening with our local politicians, however, may not be as daunting as another trial in this Apprentice-style process: all three have also been asked to meet the youth councillors to see how they mix with different audiences, a task which surely has council leader Georgia Gould’s fingerprints on it.

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