Day One: When Theresa came to Hampstead

THERESA May announced today she will step down for the next phase of Brexit negotiations – wait, there’s a next phase?!? – as she pleaded with MPs to back her withdrawal agreement.

On the first day of her campaign to get the job back in 2016, she was honourable enough to stand by a commitment to visit Conserv­ative activists at a fundraiser do in Hampstead, telling the faithful gathered at a private address in Alvaney Gardens that they had some time to prepare for their next ballot box battle against Labour MP Tulip Siddiq.

“If I become leader, there will be no general election until 2020,” she said. “So, there is still some time to work on it.”  Insert smartarse comment here about how well those comments have aged. In the end she gave the Tory team here less than a year to get ready to take on Ms Siddiq again…. and a marginal was turned into a safe Labour seat at her snap general election.

That night in Hampstead, she also told constituency members of her thoughts on Brexit: “I don’t want the Conservative Party to become consumed by these negotiations.”

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