No Deal Penny comes to Remain-heavy Hampstead

TUESDAY was a busy day for Conservative cabinet minister Penny Morduant who in the morning was taking students around House of Commons, then telling Theresa May once more that it’s time for a No Deal Brexit in the afternoon before hot-footing it to Hampstead to meet the party faithful at a fund-raiser in their favourite back room in the Freemasons Arms.

For a constituency which voted so heavily to remain in the European Union, the local party has shown no concern over inviting a whole of cannon of pro-Brexit including Priti Patel and Esther McVey over the last 12 months. But then it’s common knowledge that a number of the local Conservative councillors support the United Kingdom’s divorce from Europe, including group leader Oliver Cooper, who was among group leaders who urged MPs to support Mrs May’s deal last week, and Frognal councillor Henry Newman, the TV pundit who has been tweeting the final negotiations as a game of dominoes.

Had history taken a different turn, maybe we could even have been sat here with a solid Brexiteer as MP for Hampstead and Kilburn. While Tulip Siddiq sticks to a remain, remain, remain script and cites how much support for Europe she has on her patch – 30 percent of electors signed the online petition to revoke Article 50 – her first parliamentary opponent, Simon Marcus, is out for leaving and leaving now.

Remember back in 2015 he was supposed to be attacking a Labour majority of only 42 votes – the smallest majority in England – but watched, a little passively, as Ms Siddiq won with a four figure lead, and super promptly moving out of the neighbourhood afterwards. His Twitter account was down this week, vanished, but in recent weeks it had seen disparaging tweets about Theresa May’s failure to deliver Brexit.

Time will pass, and who knows when we will next vote again, but would the Conservatives pick another Brexiteer to stand against Ms Siddiq next time? Their list of party guests suggest it wouldn’t be the first worry on the mind of their campaigners.

1 Comment on No Deal Penny comes to Remain-heavy Hampstead

  1. Marx de Morais // April 3, 2019 at 10:29 am // Reply

    They picked with BrexitBailey a BREXITER to challenge Sadiq. With no doubt they are disrespectful enough to serve us in Hampstead Kilburn with a BREXITER on a silver plate. I hope it will not work twice to come around with such an evil plan to set the guide line to the local Remainers like ‘Brexit doesn’t matter locally’, just to forget about the guide line in the moment that it comes to them and they came to power. Henry Newman for example promised in his selection to not make Brexit his business, well turn on Sky TV and you have a good chance to see the value of a Brexiters promise. For them the main value of promises is, to break them.


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