Dipped in blood

AFTER Ed Fordham’s local election win yesterday, see last post, there was another blast from the past when former Conservative councillor Laura Trott popped up as a pundit on Newsnight.

She did a stint in the Tory stronghold of Frognal and Fitzjohns between 2010 and 2014, but her sparse contributions to Town Hall meetings led to the Whatsapp joke being shared around last night that she had said more in five minutes on the BBC than she had done in four years in the council chamber. 🥁

Bright, capable, nice but spread too thin was the analysis from Tory quarters, who recall how she often had more pressing engagements as a government special adviser. It’s nice for the people of Camden to finally hear her speak, was a sparkier response. TV regular Councillor Henry Newman now sits in her seat.

The Lib Dems and the Brexit Party would be “proxies” at this month’s European elections, Ms Trott told the programme, with Labour’s hands – to use her words – “dipped in blood” over the chaotic EU negotiations.

For an extra Camden link: Ms Trott was sat in the studio next to Sienna Rodgers, the Labour member in Hampstead and Kilburn who has booted the life back into the LabourList website since becoming its editor.

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