Camden Council does Pride

IT was the kind of occasion where, now that it’s been done, you wonder why Camden Council hasn’t done it before. So congratulations to Georgia Gould for being the first Town Hall leader to enter the council into the Pride march through the streets of central London yesterday.

I know people have concerns that gestures and symbolism at Pride time may not be forceful enough to beat prejudice, and some feel that there is too much celebrating and not enough protesting; plus the suspicion that every firm under the sun will try thinks it can sell you a fizzy drink, a sandwich or a mobile phone simply by rainbowfying their logo. It’s got too commercial is a common complaint.

But, come on, the sight of our councillors – from different parties – and officers of different pay grades deciding the best place to be on a Saturday afternoon was to say it loud and proud through the West End, that homophobia and hate will not be accepted here, can only be a good thing.

This, the first time the council has entered the march as an organisation wasn’t about being woke or try-hard or even smug, it’s about a spirit of solidarity and unity. Even more so after the harrowing attack on two women on a bus in West Hampstead last month. It won’t solve everything but shows we can fight hatred together.

And, yes, up top that is Keir Starmer, just another weekend wearing glitter, with Henry Newman finding common ground despite their political differences – and, at the bottomm new MEP Luisa Porritt enjoying a bit of Madonna again.

Photos and videos on councillors and Camden Council’s social media

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