Tories search for ‘rat in the house’

MORE crackly-static among Camden Conservatives after Giovanni Spinella, the party’s deputy leader, told prominent local members in a private Whatsapp group that somebody had been leaking screenshots of their messages; some of which revealed a lack of enthusiasm for Boris Johnson’s arrival at Number 10.

The recipient of the messages? Not the CNJ wire, but the inbox of former election candidate Hamish Hunter, who is currently sending legal letters to the local association and certain members over the way he lost his place on the ballot paper last year. That’s a sore case rumbling on in the background, which could be long and costly for the losing side.

In turn, Mr Hunter has published some of the to-and-fro on Twitter (one from his feed is below) and suggested everybody is getting a bit ‘stressed’.

A light search is apparently under way to find ‘the rat in the house’, but those unhappy with the level of ‘Boris-hating’ from some of their colleagues do not believe it will amount to much.

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