She’d give her right arm for… a tweet about opposing no deal Brexit

“WHEN you go to Berlin and have reason to be very grateful for European reciprocal health agreements,” tweets council leader Georgia Gould, nursing a fractured limb, before adding: “I swear I didn’t deliberately break my arm to make a point about Brexit! #NoToNoDeal

She had tripped over a dodgy step, not in Camden!, but while attending a conference on social cohesion in Germany last week. Back in London, she was showing off her cast at the Camden Against Violence festival in Queen’s Crescent yesterday.

Still smiling, Pollyanna said she was happy to have been able to make a point about the usefulness of the European health agreement and, perhaps more importantly to a couple of people in west London, to be given a QPR cast for it to heal in; the football team she used to watch every week at Loftus Road.

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