Election Daily: The Frognal Connection

32 days to go

Just a quick one for a Sunday night. More tomorrow.


TRY and try and try again… and now Laura Trott, the former Conservative councillor who spent four years quietly representing the Frognal and Fitz ward, has finally been selected as a parliamentary candidate. Since leaving the council, she has bid for selection in constituencies as far and wide as Croydon South, Havant and Faversham without success. Today, however, she was chosen to stand for the Conservatives in the safe seat territory of Sevenoaks, meaning she is almost certain to reach the House of Commons after all.

When she gets there, she may be joined by the woman who followed in her footsteps at the Town Hall. Siobhan Baillie, who also did a four year stint in F&F, is in the running to be elected in Stroud, where the Tories are favourites to take a seat from Labour.

And could there still be another Tory councillor from the ward on the green benches as well? Yesterday, Henry Newman missed out a prize selection in Mid Sussex to Mims Davies, but he is apparently also on the shortlist for the selection in Wantage, where Ed Vaizey is departing. A decision there is due on Monday night.

Meanwhile, if group leader Oliver Cooper also fancies a go somewhere – as was chit-chatted about at conference time – he better hurry up and make his move. The good opportunities across Herts and Bucks have all but run out.




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