Election Daily: The neverending game of ‘can’t win here’

27 days to go


JOHNNY LUK, the Conservative candidate in Hampstead and Kilburn, loves a bit of ‘videography’, so he’s been regularly updating everybody on the state of play with some online commentary. Today, he cuts one up about the Lib Dem leaflets which claim that their candidate Matt Sanders is in the frame to beat Labour’s Tulip Siddiq, even though the party trailled by more than 30,000 votes at the last general election.

If Mr Sanders is right in his view that May’s European elections are a better guide – the Tories finished sixth – then this kind of video might become awkward viewing on December 13.

But Mr Luk, with some colourful enthusiasm, insists once more that he is “the only one who can stop a Labour MP and a Labour government.

“Ignore those leaflets,” he points at the camera, “we are going to get our own leaflets straight to you”.


AFTER an earlier video, Mr Luk picked up an ugly response from one tweeter, who has now locked his account and deleted his message.  It basically said something awful about how he was using the campaign to train up to cause trouble in Hong Kong. His own election rival, Tulip Siddiq, however had his back, telling the muggy poster that there would be no racism tolerated here.


HE was an MP for 36 years and served as a health secretary in government, and yet Frank Dobson, who died this week, did not have an OBE or MBE after his name. He did not become Sir Frank. And he was not elevated to the unelected second chamber, the House of Lords.

Some people were puzzled about this reading through the tributes.

In the days after he announced he was going to step down from parliament, some crappy rumour started circulating that he was been budged out but with the agreement that he’d take a seat in the Lords. Upset at the suggestion, he rang up and asked for it to somehow be made clear in the CNJ that this was not the case, although he wanted this done as subtly as possible so that others who had leapt at honours and seats, some of whom were old friends, would not be offended. He just couldn’t see himself as Lord Dobson of Bloomsbury.


LAST time, we mentioned David Baddiel, the comedian who lives in Hampstead, he was walking across the Heath having bumped into wandering independent Rory Stewart. He’s been pretty active explaining the concerns some Jewish people have about the Labour Party since. And as reported on these pages earlier this week, as much as Labour supporters may think it should not be an issue and feel it’s outrageous that Jeremy Corbyn has been called an anti-semite, being out door-knocking confirms it is a factor behind some of the doors in Hampstead and Kilburn.

Mr Baddiel was asked openly on Twitter who then he would be supporting at the election. “Probably Green,” he replied.


CAMDEN’S planning committee is not whipped… pause.

I’m sure that all of our councillors consider all planning applications on their merits and, as they must do by law, block out all the noise for and against each one. But was it such a great idea for Camden to hold its biggest planning meeting of the year just weeks before the general election.

Last night, there was discussion about whether a primary school should or should not be allowed to move into the old Hampstead police station… but this is a story with a saga that takes in political rows about Boris Johnson’s decision to shut down some police stations and fundamental differences of opinion about the wisdom of the free school system. Throw in so many interested residents from the Hampstead area that the public gallery seats were queued for and ticketed, and it was quite a pressure call.


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