Election Daily: Save it for December

25 days to go


WE learned in that Sunday Times article last week that Christian Percy helps keep the show on the road for his Labour MP wife, Tulip Siddiq, by working on her campaign while juggling work and looking after their children when she’s late. But could little Raphael, the couple’s second child born earlier this year, be becoming another secret star of Ms Siddiq’s campaign as well? While out delivering her anti-Brexit pitch, we have already been reminded several times that she is so determined to vote against any Brexit deal that she delayed the caesarean birth of her son. Yesterday, the London Mayor Sadiq Khan, during a enthusiastic pep talk to canvassers in West Hampstead, also referenced the episode. Little Raphael will have hot ears with so many people talking about him.

The back story: Ms Siddiq helped change proxy voting rules after the ridiculous demand for her to be in parliament while on the brink of giving birth to her son. “If my son enters the world even one day later than the doctors advised, but it’s a world with a better chance of a strong relationship between Britain and Europe, then that’s worth fighting for,” she said at the time.


AS mentioned here a couple of posts back, TV probate sleuth Hector Birchwood is standing for The Brexit Party. While he is unlikely to make much different to the result in the south of Camden, just being on the ballot paper in Holborn and St Pancras constituency appears to have qualified him for an opinion piece in a national newspaper.

Mr Birchwood, seen on the Heir Hunters, had a full-on swing at Labour’s Sir Keir Starmer in his article for the Sunday Telegraph today: “Over the past few years, Sir Keir has undergone a political transformation of sorts. Far more at home in Labour’s Blairite tradition, he has recently tried to position himself as the acceptable face of Corbynism, a kind of electoral bait for the numerous Left-wingers disenchanted with the party’s current brand of unrefined, corduroy-wearing Marxism. The result isn’t just pitiful but shameful. His presence at the forefront of Labour’s radical campaign is a daily reminder of the flaws in our political system.”

And it continues in similar vein.


THERE I was, shifting through Instagram checking out all my favourite celebrity accounts when who pops up on actress Sadie Frost’s feed. Yes, it’s Jonny Bucknell, the former Conservative councillor apparently taking a break from Santa duty at the Primrose Hill Christmas Fair to have a cigarette.

Although unhappy at the way he was deselected in the Belsize ward, he sure looks like he’s enjoying the extra free time since leaving the Town Hall.

NB: Don’t think we can let it go that it’s November 17 and he’s already in a Santa suit. If he’s not careful, he’ll have the ‘Rein In Christmas’ campaign group, who once heckled TV presenter Alex Zane for turning on the Christmas lights in Highgate village way before a window on an advent calendar had been opened. Save it for December, they shouted from across the road.

Highgate Christmas lights: ‘Rein it in Zane’ from R O on Vimeo.


HOW did the Hampstead and Kilburn election rivals spend their Sundays? They all helped out with Mitzvah Day, an important day in the Jewish calendar but one which sees people of all faiths volunteer to help those in need in their community. Tweets and photos are obviously optional to go alongside this selfless work, but thankfully there were lots of cameras nearby to capture the action.

Interviewed by the Jewish Chronicle, Labour’s Tulip Siddiq first four words were pretty blunt: “I come every year…” Everybody else however said they had fun, so they will all no doubt be back for more year next year.


A QUICK Sunday evening look at the odds for H&K: Remember Tulip Siddiq has always been the market leader but the Lib Dems and the Tories started off as level pegging. This has changed quite a bit over the first two weeks of the campaign. The Lib Dems drew closer to Ms Siddiq and were at one stage 2-1, although the price has slightly drifted over the last few days.

The bookmakers are now, however, beginning to write off the chances of a Conservative win, with some, like the Paddy Power screenshot below, offering up as much as 7-1 on Johnny Luk taking the seat.


AFTER yesterday’s Super Saturday skirmish in Kensal Rise, I mentioned what a proper placard fight looks like… the battle which unfolded outside the North London Tavern in 2010.

A couple of people who were not here then asked what I was referencing. In the last days of that famous election for our part of the world, the then Prime Minister Gordon Brown finally came to support Glenda Jackson; it had actually been a bit odd that he had not come sooner given the three-way marginal nature of the seat. Anyway, the opposition got wind and welcomed Mr Brown and Ms Jackson outside the pub with their own posters.

It all got a little bruising.

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