Election Daily: That’s a wrap

6 days to go


IF local newspapers were swimming in money, would they be allowing their editions to be wrapped in garish political advertising? Who knows but as the Lib Dems bought up several titles’ front pages around the country this week it’s hard to figure out who was more desperate: Jo Swinson’s party for some in-your-face exposure in marginal seats or local papers who are now finding it hard to say no.

For clarity, the Camden New Journal this week ran four pages of Lib Dems adverts inside the paper, a placed ad from the Tories and a back page advert for Labour in the Westminster Extra, our sister paper.

Such spending, including a Lib Dem wraparound covering the Ham & High, suggests Matt Sanders’ team still believe Hampstead and Kilburn remains in play, despite the polls and bookies odds, while Labour are under the impression they can still succeed in Two Cities, despite Lib Dem candidate Chuka Umunna’s insistence that he is the main challenger to the Tories. Or are they just investing in trying to claim a good second place with more elections and votes possibly on the horizon?

Either way, one or two people have noticed the complete lack of pictures in the Lib Dem wraps and ads about Ms Swinson; a sign that somebody somewhere inside the campaign isn’t convinced the leader is the big seller they might have hoped she would be against Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn.


BEFORE we leave the subject of political advertising in Camden, what about the werewolf font chosen for the word ‘Corbyn’ on the Tory ad booked by the Hampstead and Kilburn yet?


NOT only are the Lib Dems going big on newspaper advertising in the final run-in, those personalised letters keep coming. You will remember that former Labour MPs Luciana Berger and Chuka Umunna have already written to voters urging them to not side with Labour this time. Now another defector, Dr Phillip Lee, who crossed the floor from the Tories, writes to residents hoping to sway Conservative voters to “lend” their vote to the Lib Dems… to stop Labour winning. It’s a blue headed letter – with the author’s name spelt wrong – canvassing for yellow votes.

A bit ambitious? Certainly in the case below is. Conservative Henry Newman posted a photo of his copy online with a reminder that it’s pretty unlikely that a serving  Tory councillor is going to lend a vote to Matt Sanders.


A TINY wobble from the bookmakers as the week comes to a close. Labour’s Tulip Siddiq was quoted as low as 1/25 earlier in the week to win in Hampstead and Kilburn, but has drifted out to 1/6. The Lib Dems have bounced back in to 9/2.



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