Labour’s approved list

YOU will probably have seen the…. disquiet… about a record number of deselections among Camden’s Labour Party. Paul Tomlinson, Roger Robinson and Leo Cassarani are among those who have been told they cannot re-stand at May’s boroughwide elections. The number of rejections in what the national press like to call ‘Keir’s own backyard’ might have reached double figures if others had not stepped down voluntarily.

So who has successfully hurdled the barbed wire to make it onto the approved list? Ahead of ward-by-ward selections, a list of 52 people who have been given the green light is doing the rounds today. Camden currently has 54 seats and is due to add one more due to boundary changes.

Sagal Abdi-Wali

Suber Abdikarim

Nasim Ali

Panny Antoniou

Meric Apak

Camron Aref-Adib

Ajok Athian

Kemi Atolagbe

Lotis Bautista

Danny Beales

Marcus Boyland

Anna Burrage

Pat Callaghan

Shaheen Chowdhury

Matt Cooper

Richard Cotton

Nina de Ayala Parker

Rebecca Filer

Sabrina Francis

Edmund Frondigoun

Julian Fulbrook

Georgia Gould

Lorna Greenwood

Eddie Hanson

Sharon Hardwick

Adam Harrison

Lloyd Hatton

Jenny Headlam-Wells

Heather Johnson

Alison Kelly

Momota Khatoon

Samata Khatoon

Isabella Lenga

Rishi Madlani

Liam Martin-Lane

Sylvia McNamara

Shah Miah

Jenny Mulholland

Awale Olad

Richard Olszewski

Will Prince

Nazma Rahman

Larraine Revah

Sucharita Sethi

Nadia Shah

Jonathan Simpson

James Slater

Marcus Storm

Shiva Tiwari

Nanouche Umeadi

Sue Vincent

and Anna Wright



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