Election Daily: Here we go again

60 days to go


BY public demand, here we go with the ‘election daily’ posts, a feature last seen on ‘general election eve’ in 2019. You’re in the wrong place if you do not know Camden will be going to the polls in the first week of May to decide who will run the council for the next four years. Make sure you are registered, make sure you vote if you’re eligible etc etc

Of course, you will probably have a broad idea about what is likely to happen and who will be in charge once all the boxes have been crossed, but it’s still a chance to have a discussion about what Camden should be like and what the future priorities at the Town Hall might be. That’s a high and mighty ambition – we do our best, but if I’m honest these pages are more commonly about dodgy leaflet bar charts and photos from 20 years ago.

Taking you through to polling day, check back for more of the usual…


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