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55 days to go


IS an election in Camden even an election if at some point Nigel Rumble does not appear. The man, the legend… is back as a Conservative Party candidate and this time is standing in Gospel Oak. When I saw him doorknocking in a different ward – Primrose Hill – recently he said something about all the old Camden political anecdotes over the years still being up for people to read.

For somebody who has never quite been elected there are so many: the time he was in the Tories, the time he was in the Lib Dems, the time he almost joined Labour, the time he was an independent candidate, but best of all the time he was mistaken for George Clooney. He said as much on his election blog.

It has always been my view that whatever party you represent, people should come into local politics enthusiastic and energetic – turn up. One of the most annoying things when watching from the sidelines is to see candidates who get elected and then are never seen for four years. Mr Rumble – pictured fourth from the left in the teamshot above – doesn’t get elected but is always there.

Like this time when he was so taken with watching me interview Iain Duncan Smith in the street back in 2016 – he made a YouTube video with funny orange tints and a saxy music soundtrack. Maybe the Tories, just need to harness such creative skills – and then they will be in business.

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  1. Paul Braithwaite // March 11, 2022 at 6:02 pm //

    Great to see in Nigel’s moody video the other long-term perennial hard-grafting campaigner, Jonny Bucknell, (but he’s a dyed-in-the-wool dedicated Tory).
    Good luck to Nigel. He deserves to be finally successful.
    Camden Council desperately needs more such energetic and opinionated Councillors to challenge the politburo cabal that really runs far too-cosy Camden (so badly IMO).

  2. Haha… how totally bizarre!

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